Climbing - challenging and testing
rewarding and stimulating
Advanced rope techniques
Want more?
Overcome the rockface using the power of your own strength and stamina then be rewarded with an abseil back to the beginning.

Climbing Activities
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Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fit adventurer
Climbing is great for stag groups, birthdays, teenagers, adventurous families, group activities, shared experiences or just that unique experience


£39 pp includes equipment

The Mendip Hills are a superb location for a number of climbing venues.From quarries to natural limestone outcrops there is a location to suit all group sizes.


from £35 pp includes equipment

Experience the thrill of abseiling off vertical cliffs to the ground below.The next best thing to parachuting out an aeroplane.


from £29 pp includes equipment

For those slightly more cautious of height exposure, bouldering occurs at low levels above the ground whilst still providing the thrill of climbing

Climbing, abseiling and bouldering

Whether you enjoy the thrill of height and exposure or just enjoy the technicality of overcoming rock faces above ground, Cheddar climbing and caving will offer you that tailor made service to suit your adventurous requirement. Located mainly on the Mendip hills there are a multitude of suitable locations for the first time or even seasoned adventurer.